Shredded chicken and gravy recipe

Shredded Chicken breast and Gravy Formula

Published by NancyRadler on September 11th, 2009 at 03:34pm

This can be a lighter model of my Fowl and Gravy with Noodles but it is nevertheless tasty. Give with buttered rice or corny mashed carrots.


1 lb. chicken (I take benefit of tenderloins but you might use any boneless pieces you want)
two containers or jars chicken breast gravy (any company)
one/two travelling bag newborn green beans
one/two tsp. dried up parsley
two C. mashed carrots, previously outfitted


Salt and pepper fowl. Consist of one/two can gravy to space temperature slow cooker. Include seasoned fowl in addition to gravy. Place staying 1/two can of gravy. Add carrots and deal with. Prepare on considerable for approximately 3 hours, or till ultimately chicken shreds with two forks.

Soon after shredding chicken breast, include leftover can of fowl gravy and parsley and also heat by way of. Offer with mashed potatoes.