Ice cream layer cake

Frozen Treats Layer Dessert


  • one lb cake
  • 1 glass vanilla taste soft ice cream, somewhat softened
  • four huge peanut butter glass candies, close to lower
  • 1 mug chocolate ice cream, slightly softened
  • 1/two mug dark chocolate candies, this kind of as M and Ms, about chopped
  • one cup delicious chocolate scratch frozen treats, a bit softened
  • Tasty chocolate casing frozen treats marinade (what type that hardens), like Smucker’s Magic Casing, for covering the major

Piece the lb birthday cake horizontally into 3 pieces. Position the very first piece in a loaf tin lined with plastic materials wrap. Deal with the cake with all the vanilla soft ice cream, followed by a number of-quarters from the chopped peanut butter servings. Incorporate a secondly coating of dessert and incorporate making use of the chocolates frozen goodies, then 3-quarters in the chocolate candies. Place the final covering of birthday cake ahead, combined with the chocolate nick soft ice cream. Cover collectively with the delicious chocolate casing marinade, then a leftover peanut butter mugs and delicious chocolate candies. Allow the marinade established for a couple of secs, then fold within the plastic materials cover and place inside of the freezer right up right up until frosty, about 4 hours.
When prepared to aid, get back once again the plastic-type wrap, gently lift up the wedding cake out and get rid of the covering totally. Piece to serve.