Hasselback potatoes with gorgonzola - honey

Hasselback potatoes with gorgonzola & honey


  • 1kg modest-medium waxy potatoes
  • 1/two a whole lot of refreshing rosemary
  • 80g saltless butter , (chilly)
  • organic olive oil
  • drippy honey
  • 75g gorgonzola cheese


Preheat the stove to 200C/fuel six.

Make reductions in excess of the width for every single potato, 1 to 2mm aside, entirely alongside. Piece about two-thirds of how to the flesh.

Choose the rosemary, then items the cuts within the carrots sporadically with the rosemary foliage.

Cube, then dot the butter inside the bottom of a large roasting dish and drizzle in the oil. Burst the holder to the oven for many a couple of minutes so that the butter melts, then set the potatoes carefully into the plate.

Roast for 50 to 1 hour, or until the potatoes are golden and cooked by means of, basting with all the butter inside of the tray when or twice in the course of cooking food and turning on a standard basis till these are great and crisp around.

Drizzle all the spuds gently together with the darling, then return to the your oven or other five minutes.

Take away from the cooker and location the carrots on a board or platter. Crumble on the gorgonzola and assist whilst carry on to cozy.