Grandma moore - s creamed corn

Grandma Moore’s Creamed Corn


  • 6 slices sausage
  • 8 big ear corn (if attainable white-colored), husks and silk taken away
  • Kosher sodium and lately terrain pepper

Within a sizeable skillet (seasoned cast iron does properly in this post), make the sausage more than reasonable-high heat until finally finally distinct. Transfer to a paper soft towel-lined platter reserve the drippings from the pan.
Reduced the stalk comes to an end from the corn to produce a degree surface, then keep the ears up and shave the corn by means of the cobs with a chef’s blade, making about 50 % of each kernel around the ears. With the rear of the blade, scrape the cobs far more than a short dish to extract all the liquefied as is possible. (You have to have identical elements kernels and water contain water if required.) Come back the skillet to medium sized-very low temperature and add the kernels and liquid.
Yr the corn mixture casually with sodium and pepper and cook till wealthy and creamy, mixing regularly, thirty to 45 minutes (put water in the occasion the pan will get too free of moisture). Serve sizzling or at room temperatures. Crumble the bacon ahead.