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Global History And Sustainable Tourism Programme

UNESCO World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism Programme

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The UNESCO World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism Programme represents a new approach based on speak and stakeholder cooperation wherein planning for tourism and heritage management is included at a destination stage, the herbal and cultural property are valued and protected, and suitable tourism advanced.


World Heritage and tourism stakeholders percentage responsibility for conservation of our common cultural and herbal background of Outstanding Universal Value and for sustainable improvement through appropriate tourism management.


Facilitate the control and improvement of sustainable tourism at World Heritage houses via fostering increased attention, capacity and balanced participation of all stakeholders as a way to guard the properties and their Outstanding Universal Value.


Tourism ProgrammeBrochure

Focus Areas

Policy & Strategy

Sustainable Tourism Policy and Strategy DevelopmentLearn greater →


Creation of thematic routes to foster heritage primarily based sustainable tourism developmentLearn extra →

Sustainable Tourism Policy and Strategy Development

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A key purpose of the UNESCO WH+ST Programme is to bolster the allowing environment via advocating guidelines and frameworks that help sustainable tourism as an crucial automobile for dealing with cultural and herbal history. Developing techniques via wide stakeholder engagement for the planning, improvement and control of sustainable tourism that follows a vacation spot method and makes a speciality of empowering local communities is imperative to UNESCO’s method.

The Silk RoadProject

Developing a Sustainable Tourism Strategy for the Silk Roads Heritage Corridors

With a focal point on early intervention and upstream methods, UNESCO and UNWTO, have advanced coverage steering projects for Silk Road destinations to work in the direction of a not unusual sustainable tourism strategy for vacationer management, website online presentation and promotion along the history Corridors.

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Defining the connection between world historical past and sustainable tourism

Based at the document of the worldwide workshop on Advancing Sustainable Tourism at Natural and Cultural Heritage Sites (Mogao, China, September 2009), the World Heritage Committee at its thirty fourth session followed the policy orientations which outline the relationship between World Heritage and sustainable tourism (Decision 34 COM 5F.2).

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World Heritage and Tourism in a Changing Climate

Providing an outline of the growing vulnerability of World Heritage web sites to climate alternate impacts and the capacity implications for and of worldwide tourism.

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Sustainable Tourism Tools

Manage tourism effectively, responsibly and sustainably based totally on the neighborhood context and needs

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Capacity Building Activities

Helping website managers and other tourism stakeholders to manage tourism greater sustainably

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Heritage Journeys

Creation of thematic routes to foster background based totally sustainable tourism development

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Cultural tourism is one of the largest and fastest-growing worldwide tourism markets. Culture and creative industries are increasingly getting used to sell destinations and enhance their competitiveness and elegance.

Many locations at the moment are actively developing their cultural assets as a method of developing comparative blessings in an increasingly more competitive tourism market, and to create neighborhood specialty within the face of globalization.

UNESCO will endeavour to create networks of key stakeholders to coordinate the destination control and marketing associated with the distinctive history routes to sell and coordinate splendid, unique studies primarily based on UNESCO diagnosed historical past. The purpose is to sell sustainable development primarily based on heritage values and create added visitor fee for the sites.

UNESCO World Heritage Journeys of the EU

Creating heritage-primarily based tourism that spurs investment in culture and the innovative industries which might be network-targeted and offer sustainable and superb merchandise that play on Europe’s comparative advantages and diversity of its cultural property.

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World Heritage Journeys of Buddhist Heritage Sites

UNESCO is currently implementing a undertaking to broaden a completely unique Buddhist Heritage Route for Sustainable Tourism Development in South Asia with the guide from the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA). South Asia is host to wealthy Buddhist history this is exemplified within the World Heritage properties across the vicinity.

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