Chicken taco casserole recipe

Poultry Taco Casserole Formula

Placed by KathrynSteed on July 18th, 2010 at 02:49pm

Include some Mexican taste in your fowl casserole and you’ll add spice to your supper (literally!)


* 1 deal tiny corn tortillas
* three Tbs. butter
* four ounce. sliced up new mushrooms
* three Tbs. flour
* one C. milk
* 1 small bottle eco-pleasant taco sauce
* one Tbs. chili natural powder
* two C. ready diced chicken breast
* 1 small can sliced eco-friendly chili peppers
* two C. shredded Mexican cheeses combine


Tear tortillas into bite-dimension objects and set up apart. Melt butter in the saucepan over really low heat, then place mushrooms. Saute right up until mushrooms are sore. Eliminate fresh mushrooms and set aside. Place flour to melted butter and blend until blended and smooth. Slowly and progressively, stirring constantly, include the total milk to saucepan, cooking proper up until thickened. Give back mushrooms in direction of the marinade. Include taco marinade and chili natural powder on the mushroom sauce.

In a quick casserole recipe, make a degree of tortilla chunks. Location a coating of chicken sections in addition, then greatest fowl with chopped green chiles. Dump sauce evenly complete and best with all the shredded cheese. Refrigerate, incorporated, for a couple of hrs just before baking for greatest taste. Put together casserole for approximately thirty minutes or till finally scorching and bubbly.