Chicken spaghetti casserole recipe

Chicken breast Pasta Casserole Recipe

Positioned by NancyRadler on Nov 21st, 2008 at 12:00am

Your complete beloved Italian components cast in a casserole recipe.


8 ounce. uncooked spaghetti
1 eight ounce. carton ricotta cheese
one C. shredded mozzarella cheese, separated
2 Tbs. grated parmesan dairy products
one/2 tsp. Italian seasoning
1/two tsp. garlic herb powder
1 26 ounce. bottle meatless spaghetti sauce
one 14 1/2 ounce. can Italian diced tomato plants, undrained
one four one/2 oz. bottle sliced up fresh mushrooms, emptied
4 breaded completely ready fowl patties (ten-14 ounce.)


Put together foods spaghetti as outlined by pkg. suggestions. In the imply time in the bowl, mix the ricotta, one/2 C. of mozzarella, Parmesan, Italian seasoning, and garlic herb all-natural powder set aside. In however another dish, mix the pasta sauce, tomato plants and mushrooms.

Empty spaghetti contain 2 C. spaghetti sauce combination and chuck to layer. Move to some greased 1392 baking plate major with cheese combine. Put together poultry patties above the greatest drizzle with the leftover spaghetti marinade mixture. Spread with the remaining mozzarella. Put together, discovered at 350 qualifications for 40-45 minutes or till finally bubbly.