Chicken scramble casserole recipe

Poultry Scramble Casserole Recipe

Submitted by Maxine on Could 8th, 2008 at 02:36am

For preparing food in the click, use processed fowl in this certain egg and dairy items casserole.


10-eleven oz. foamy fowl and all-natural herb soup
one one/2 C. shredded Swiss cheese
12 relatively defeated eggs
one/2 C. milk
two C. frozen fresh veggies of option
one C. fowl, ready and cubed
1 C. processed French fried red onion


In medium sized pan, blend with every other soup and cheddar cheese set aside. Mist skillet with non-stick cooking foods apply. Put eggs, dairy, veggies, a variety of meats, and chives. Make till chicken eggs are set but nonetheless smooth, mixing delicately so uncooked egg passes beneath. Collapse in broth blend. Spot into 12×7 cooking plate. Deal with and refrigerate two-round the clock. Reveal and make at 350°F for forty moments. Combine with French fried onions. Put together 1 a lot more 5-10-twenty minutes.