Chicken macaroni casserole recipe

Chicken breast Macaroni Casserole Dish

Published by Maxine on Sept . 18th, 2008 at eleven:54am

A fancier (and more filling) technique to make mac and dairy products.


two Tbs. butter or margarine
1/four C. all goal flour
two C. lighting lotion
1 1/2-two C. fowl broth, divided
3/four lb. approach American citizen cheeses, cubed
two 7 oz. boxes elbow macaroni, produced and drained
three C. cubed ready chicken
one two ounce. jar diced pimientos, exhausted
one tsp. sea salt
one/two tsp. pepper
Snipped clean parsley (suggested)


Within a sizeable saucepan, burn butter. Stir in flour till combined. Add solution and 1 1/two C. in the broth at the very same time mix till finally sleek. Make and mix until thickened and bubbly put together and mix two a few minutes considerably a lot more. Get rid of via the heat consist of the cheese and mix till dissolved. Combine in macaroni, chicken breast, pimientos, salt and pepper. Include extra broth if required. Dump appropriate into a three quart cooking recipe. Put together, exposed at 350 ranges for forty minutes or until warmed by way of. Mix with parsley if wished.