Chicken and broccoli bake recipe 1

Fowl and Broccoli Bake Menu

Published by Maxine on July 24th, 2008 at 06:11am

This cheap meal is every single tad American citizen (even cheeses is).


2 pkg. frozen chopped broccoli
one pkg. seasoned filling blend
two C. chicken breast, cubed, cooked
one tsp. sage dehydrated, crushed
one/8 tsp. black pepper
twelve slices American citizen cheddar cheese
three eggs
one can chicken breast broth condensed
1 can evaporated complete milk


Preheat stove to 325 diplomas. Softly oil an oblong 2-qt. cooking recipe. Prepare meals broccoli based mostly on package recommendations. Empty and minimize in sections if massive. Region in a massive pan. Combine in stuffing mix, chicken, sage and pepper right up until mixed. Spoon 1 / two of the combine into meal. Foremost with 6 pieces of cheddar cheese. Deal with with remaining filling mix. In the medium bowl, conquer chicken eggs, then surpass in poultry broth and evaporated milk goods. Dump evenly over major. Consist of with foil and make for 50 minutes or so or till greatest is scheduled. Organize staying 6 pieces cheddar cheese above leading rated. Make, uncovered, three a handful of minutes much longer or right up until finally cheese melts.